How To Resolve Canon Printer Is Not Responding Issue?

Canon printers are excellent devices that can serve many functions such as printing at home, scanning, and copying.  However, they are not always free from technical glitches. Users often complain about the issue of a Canon printer not responding. It can be quite annoying when a Canon Printer Not Responding. However, there are a lot of ways you can try to fix this issue.

Sometimes, users complain that the router can detect it. But when they try to print anything they find that the printer is not responding. This issue with printers is quite common and can occur due to many reasons. At times, the reason is an outdated printer driver. If your printer is unable to connect to a network, it can result in the printer not responding.

Canon Printer Is Not Responding

Canon Printer Is Not Responding– Troubleshoot With Effective Steps  

First of all, you can check all the cords and cables at first. You need to ensure that the power cord of the printer is plugged in the wall outlet.  Also, the USB cable also needs to be connected to the computer or laptop in the right way.

You can also open the top cover of the printer and then inspect it visually. Check whether any foreign object has been stuck inside. If you see something like that, try to remove it with care.

Another measure could be to identify the printer error by observing the indicator lights. Check the indicator lights for specific patterns. After that, you should consult the printer manual to find the corresponding error code.  Then, you need to follow the steps to troubleshoot printer is not responding canon issue.

Alternative Solutions You Can Give A Try

The print queue might also stop responding if there’s a software error in your computer. Also, the computer might stop recognizing your printer. In that case, restart your computer and check whether this measure works or not.

An outdated software also might be the reason the Printer Not Responding. In that case, first, uninstall and then reinstall the software that came along with the printer. After that, you should check Canon’s official website for the latest version of the software driver.

You should also check and review the printer software settings.  After opening the printer software, you will need to click the ‘properties’ or ‘options’ tab. After that, you have to choose “Test Alignment” or “Clean Print Heads’. It depends on what version of the software you are using.  Check whether the problem was resolved after taking this measure.

Problems in the printer driver can often lead to Canon printer is not responding issue. In case, the driver is not installed, you will have to reinstall the driver to troubleshoot the problem. You can download the driver from the official website of Canon.

You can configure your Canon printer to the correct printer port in order to get rid of the issue. Furthermore, Print Spooler service is responsible for all the print tasks on your computer. You can restart the device to eliminate the error.

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Canon Customer Support Number +1-800-715-9524 Is Available 24×7

Canon Printer Support

You may not be able to tackle the issue on your own when your Canon printer is not responding. Expert assistance is within your reach as our expert tech support team is available round the clock to help you out. They are skillful enough to resolve your problems with effective solutions.

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