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How to add network printer in macbook air?

User can easily use a Printer to a MacBook Air but before using,User must connect them.User can add a printer to one of its computer directly from the “Print and Fax section” of the System Preferences and process automatically adds the drivers to the MacBook Air that allow the computer to communicate with the printer.

Following steps will allow a path to connect Printer to a MacBook Air.

  1. Insert the flat end of the USB cable into an accessible USB port on the MacBook Air computer.Then Connect the square end of the USB cable to a USB port on your printer.
  2. Now from main toolbar menu on the Macbook Air click Apple icon.
  3. Now go to “System Preferences” option and click on it.
  4. Now go to “Print and Fax” option and click on it.
  5. See “+” icon located under the Printers box and click on it.
  6. Click the printer attached to the MacBook Air and click the “Add” button to add the printer to  the computer.

How To Print From An Ipad With An Epson Printer?

An iPad can easily have access to mobile to every small business’s data. Users can also print information directly from the iPad to a wide variety of Epson wireless printers as well. With these added printer flexibility, the iPad has become one of the most integral part of every business operation as it frees workers from stationary PC setups materials. Below, we will discuss steps to print from an iPad with an Epson Printer.

How To Print From An Ipad With An Epson Printer

Steps to print from an iPad with an Epson Printer.

Step 1: Printing preparation mode

  • For the Epson printer, users do need to ensure that the newest printer firmware is installed properly and also the printer is turned on as well as broadcasting wirelessly.

Step 2: Printing applications

  • There are multiple printing apps available for users to help them connect their iPad to the wireless printer. Each of these app is well intended to deliver a linking process which is necessary between the iPad as well as the Epson printer.
  • This is done to move the printable data smoothly. Commonly used links area also available such as from the Apple AppStore include iOS Airprint which basically prints to select various Epson printer models. It further extends the number of Epson models available for users to be used by them. So, it advised by Epson Printer Support Number technicians to download the app which is compatible with the printer and install it to the iPad. This is done to add more printing capabilities to the device.

Step 3: Working with the Printer

  • Once users have installed the printer app is installed, you need to select and set up the printer from the specific app that you’re printing data from. Select the setup button from the app, and then chose printer settings. Select the printer for use and then choose the specific printer settings for the application.
  • Printer settings often differ from printer to printer and it usually include print quality and color/monochrome selection. After you are done with the printer setting, tap the “action “icon within the app which will contain information users wish to print. Click the “print” button to send any type of information which users wish to print from the application to the selected printer device.
  • Compatible Printers
  • Not all Epson printers are completely compatible with iPad use. Printers for use should be wireless for easy detection by the iPad. Now, just perform a proper check for the compatibility of the specific printer models with the help of app support websites online.

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How To Setup Epson Printer Connection To Mac In A Wireless Mode?

Setup Epson Printer Connection To Mac connection of a wired printer is an easy process. You simply have to pick the right cable, and then plug it into one end into the printer and the other into the desktop. But establishing a proper connection of a wireless printer comes as bit tough process. Even if you have everything executing smoothly, still some or the other issue will arise. So, one of them is to ensure that there are multiple type of wireless printing process such as Bluetooth-enabled printers and Wi-Fi printers. Well, here our goal is to cover steps needed to Setup Epson Printer Connection To Mac in a wireless mode.  Here are step-by-step instructions explained to go ahead with the method.

How To Setup Epson Printer Connection To Mac In A Wireless Mode

Steps to make an Epson Printer connection to Mac in a wireless mode

Step 1: Setting up of DHCP

  • When you have first brought an Epson printer, it can’t be connected to the network. So, here users need to set it up by changing the network settings with the help if DHCP configuration.
  • Now, download and install the Epson driver to its latest version with the help of specialized software to run the printer correctly on your computer.
  • Tap the ‘download page’ and then, scroll down completely to confirm the download process. It will start downloading in the left hand corner of the window.
  • When completed, open up the file to extract it and then, double click on the “.dmg file”. Double click on the first ‘.pkg file’ and follow all the installation instructions.
  • At the end, you will be displayed a message by saying “The printer is not connected via USB”. Click on the “Connect printer via network” and choose the “continue” icon.

Step 2: Installation of the Epson printer

Navigate to the ‘System Preferences’ icon and then, open up the ‘Printers and Scanners’ icon.

  • Now, work with the plus button which can easily be found in the bottom left corner of the screen and click the “add printer or scanner” icon.
  • A new window will open automatically where users advised by Epson Technical Support Desk professionals to enter some valid information.
  • Select the IP which is located at the top and follow all instructions to fill up the form accurately. Once done, just click the ‘Add’ button. The printer should now be set up and ready to work

Step 3:  Printing over the vend with Epson

  • The first thing is to perform a test print by heading over to the “History” tab and click on a sale icon.
  • Click the view receipt option and then, pick up the receipt template which users wishes to work with and click the ‘print’ icon.

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How Do I Connect My Mac Book to My Epson Printer

How Do I Connect My Mac Book to My Epson Printer?

Setting up an Epson Printer with Mac Book is simpler than you think. With iOS’s inbuilt features like Bonjour and AirPrint, you can Connect My Macbook to My Epson Printer easily. Most of the Mac devices come with default features that automatically detect any network printer in vicinity.

How Do I Connect My Mac Book to My Epson Printer

Epson Printer comes in three different models. Each needs different methods to set up with a Mac device. In general, there are three ways to connect an Epson Printer with an iOS computer.

  • First is the laser printers used corporate environments. These types of printers are in general connected to the network via an Ethernet cable.
  • Second is Wi-Fi Printers or Ink Jet Printers, connected through a WIFI.
  • And last are the printers, connected to a computer via Windows, Mac or UNIX computers.

Depending on the type of printer that you have, the process will vary as well.

Efficacious Process to Connect Mac Book with Epson Printer:

Here we have discussed the most general Epson printers which are being used on maximum level. In order to do so, you must need to have strong network connection. In this blog, you can get the most suitable way to perform this strenuous process as early possible. Visit Epson Printer Customer Services to deal with the process in minimal time possible.


  • First of all, download Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility and run it in proper manner.
  • Secondly, click on Continue to continue the License Agreement. And then click on Agree.
  • Now click on Install followed by clicking on Close.
  • Next you need to select your product and then click on Next. If you are unable to find your product automatically, open a Finder Window. Now choose application followed by selecting Epson Software. Now double click on Epson Connect Printer Setup.
  • Click on Next after selecting printer Registration.
  • Click on Ok as you see Register a Printer to Epson Connect.
  • Now accept the term and conditions by marking the check box and thus click on Next.
  • Now you need to choose one of the following options:
    • To create a new account, fill the Create an Epson Printer Connect Account form. Now click on Finish.
    • If you already have an account, fill the Add a New Printer form and thus click on Add.
  • Next you need to click on Next.


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How to Change Print Settings on Mac-book of Epson Printer

The Epson printer allows you to print, copy, and scan documents using a wired or wireless connection. Whether you are using Window or Mac computer, you can easily connect the Epson printer as well as Change Print Settings on Epson efficiently according your requirement. Well, many users have encountered the technical difficulties while making the print quality settings on their Epson Printer. So, if you are one of those users who have the problem exactly the same, then don’t worry about it! Here, the blog will explain the simple steps on Change Print Settings on Mac Epson Then you just need to follow the below steps to quickly solve the problem.

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How to Change Print Settings on Mac-book of Epson Printer

Steps to Change Print Settings on Mac Epson?

You can follow these steps to change or adjust your printer settings.

Step 1:- Access the Page Setup dialog box.

First, you will need to access the printer driver for Mac OS X.

Step 2:- Choose Printer

Then you have to select the printer that you are using as the “Format” for setting.

Step 3:- Select the Paper Size Setting

Next, choose the appropriate Paper Size setting.

Note: Ensure selects XXX (Sheet Feeder – Borderless) if you wish to print borderless photos.

Step 4:- Pick Up Orientation Settings

Then choose the appropriate Orientation settings.

Step 5:- Orientation Settings

Then hit “OK” button to close the “Page Setup” dialog box.

Step 6:- Access the Print Dialog Box           

Now again access the Print dialog box for Mac OS X

Step 7:- Choose Printer & Make the Copies & Pages Settings

Select the printer that you are using as the Printer setting. Then make the “Copies & Pages” settings.

Step 8:- Pick Print Setting   

Then select Print Settings from the pop-up menu.

Step 9:- Choose Media Type, Color, and Mode settings

Now, you will need to choose the suitable “Media Type”, “Color”, and “Mode settings”. Then see online help for details of Print Settings.

  • You can select the “Correct Paper Type”.
  • You can use “Gloss Optimizer”.

Step 10:- Print one Test Copy

After completing the above steps, you must do to print one test copy and verify the results before printing an entire job.

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Steps To Add Printer To A MacBook Air? +1-888-988-1547 Epson Printer

How To Add A Printer To A MacBook Air by Epson Printer Support

Before one decides to start using  a printer on a MacBook Air device, he/she must add in their mind few important tips The process of adding a printer automatically needs to add a required driver to the MacBook Air  which will allow a user’s computer to have an easy communication with the printer. As guided by a team of Epson printer support professionals, users can also add the printer to their computer device directly from the Print as well as from the Fax section of the System Preferences. But fortunately our professional’s experts have found a solution to this issue on how to add a printer to a MacBook AIR device.

Steps To Add Printer To A MacBook Air

Get Easy Steps To Add Printer To A MacBook Air

Step1: Insertion step

  • Insertion of the flat end of the USB cable directly into an available USB port on the MacBook Air computer is advised to performed by a professional Epson printer technical support
  • Connect the square end of your USB cable into a USB port on the printer.

Step2: Apple icon

  • Click on the ‘Apple’ icon from the main toolbar section which is located on the MacBook Air.

Step3: System Preferences

  • Click on the “System Preferences” option to proceed further.

Step4: Print and Fax section

  • Users are suggested to click on the “Print and Fax” option carefully.

Step5: “+” icon

  • Click on the “+” icon which is located just under the “Printers” box area.

Step6: Add button

  • Next, simply click on the printer which is attached to the “MacBook Air” and then tap on the “Add” icon to easily append the printer right to the computer device.


Steps to add a printer to a MacBook Pro by Epson Helpline

This method is explained via a USB Cable

Step1:  Turn on the printer

  • First turn on the printer by pressing the Power button. If the printer does not turn on even after you have pressed the Power button then ensure that it is well connected to a power source by plugging its power cable.

Step 2: Preparing an USB cable

  • Prepare your USB cable to allow an easy connection between the printer and the Macbook and make sure that you have a square-type connector.

Step 3: Connecting the USB cable

  • Connection of the USB cable to the Macbook is to be made first and then look up for a square hole which will be located at the side of the Macbook Pro.
  • Insertion is to be made for the USB cable of the printer to this hole.
  • Connect its other end to the printer. Once you have established a secure connection, the printer should then appear on the screen menu.

  Step 4: Check for the readiness of the printer

  • Check if your printer is ready or not?

  Step 5: Adding of the printer

  • Add the printer carefully at last .

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