Detailed Solutions For Canon Pixma MP560 B200 Printer Error

Canon Pixma is one of the leading printer companies that have been giving flawless services for decades. It is well known for its print resolution and lively image output. Despite its unique features, certain troubles often worry users. And one of them is Canon Pixma MP560 B200 Printer Error. This is one of the common occurrences that make Canon less than perfect as a brand. And this particular glitch occurs in most Pixma models. Yet there are certain simple hacks to eliminate it completely. So read the article till the last line.

Canon Pixma is boasting of its features since ages. And with its latest changes, the output comes at affordable rates and stunning. Despite that, certain technical and human errors can affect their performance in real time. Therefore, it is necessary to look for signs of print unrest.

canon printer error

Canon Pixma MP560 B200 Printer Error – Acute Reasons

The error message might look a little complicated if you are a new user. But the reasons behind it are simple and so are its solutions. Primarily, the issue crops up when the inkjet printer utilizes various quality inks. As a result, the ink cartridge is stuck with residues. At times, dried ink blots affect the print roller and stop the output midway.

Further, printhead affected by moisture, dust, ink blots is additional reasons behind this error code. Besides that, a damaged printhead can set off your Canon Pixma. Nonetheless, you can try some simple techniques for removing the issue.

Wipe Out Canon Pixma MP560 B200 Printer Error With Effective Solutions

Down below, we will discuss some solutions that can remove error code B200. As the first step, move to the Start button of your computer and tap on devices and Printers button. Once that opens, use the right part of the mouse and click on the last option from the drop-down menu. Next, choose Maintenance and Deep Cleaning from the Properties section.

The procedure will soon begin. After the process is over, move back to the Properties section. Over there select the Maintenance box and carry out another program. This is called the Nozzle Check. If the error is removed, the results will come out positive.

Alternatively, you can update the Printer Driver and check if the output is flawless. If this does not work, move to the next solution.

Fix Canon Pixma MP560 B200 Printer Error: Technique 2

You can fix error B200 by following the guidelines given below. This method has multiple steps. So, do not miss out any.

  1. First, switch off your Canon Pixma and pull out from the source of power.
  2. Next, open the print carriage and remove stuck bits of paper if any.
  3. Expose the formulas of ink or ink cartridge. Now, remove the printhead from the case carefully.
  4. Clean the printhead and the cartridge carefully with a clean and dry cloth. Avoid using regression while cleaning.
  5. Make sure you remove ink residues, dust from the contact pads. You can also use a pencil eraser for the wiping procedure.
  6. Now, set the system as it was previously. First, place the printhead followed by ink carriage. At this step, you can replace or refill ink resolutions.
  7. After all the above steps are carried out, plug in the power socket in the Canon Pixma.
  8. Finally, carry out an “Auto Head Alignment” print test to check the results.

Make sure you do not unplug the power cord again.

Common Solution

As a common fix, you can constantly turn off and then on the printer. Run a print test. Once the result is out, switch it off. If the output is good, then your printer problem is solved. If not, re-do the entire procedure until flawless output come.

Wrapping Up

Encountering error B200 is common if you are using the Canon printer for a long time. It is true that these solutions work most of the time. However, you should take a resolution for avoiding this glitch in the future. Make sure you use quality ink resolutions. Lower formula toners might print well but in the long run, they only add to the problems. Dried ink blots can be dangerous and can damage the printer permanently. Moreover, you should clean the printheads occasionally. If all the ways fade out, contact a print professional.