Easy Ways To Resolve Printer Not Activated Error Code 41

Printer Not Activated Error Code 41 is a common issue that can arise due to various reasons. If you are witnessing such an error in your printing device then quickly resolve the problem. The error like this can appear in any printer as these devices quite sensitive to the changes. Users encounter this problem while connecting the device with the system.

When you access your printer the error appears on the screen and the system boots up. Users can encounter the printer error code 41 due to faulty drivers or improper settings.  The printer error 41 problem can also arise due to the internal error or bugs that are residing in your computer as well. Thus, you need to be careful while connecting any peripheral device to your PC. Users also can encounter several issues that can be difficult to troubleshoot easily. So read this page and know how to fix printer not activated error code 41.

Troubleshooting Techniques For Printer Error Code 41

The printer error code 41 is a typical issue and can occur in any printing devices. If you are encountering any problem in your printer then solve the issue with proper hacks. You can go through an array of different solutions as mentioned below and troubleshoot the error.

Enable Network Permissions On Printer

To begin this, you need to navigate to their network printers. Then select, the default printer and then go to Printer Properties. Also, don’t forget to examine the TS PDF Generator. Sometimes users get errors while printing a ‘.XLS’ file or a ‘PDF’. Hence it is better to set permissions from TS PDF Generator. Then, go to the Security tab tap Allow button for proper utilization of Print, Manage Printers and Manage Documents. Then, click OK to terminate the process.

Resolve System Error

As we have told you earlier that printer error can also arise due System issue as well. So if you are viewing the same problem on your PC, then, resolve the PC error first. Due to a glitch in the system, the printer cannot perform tasks properly. Hence if you want to address the issue then use this technique.

Thus to fix the problem, open Command Prompt and type in ‘sfc/scannow’. Once you enter this command, hit Enter via Keyboard and examine the PC. After that troubleshoot the OS of your by using the Windows installation disc. Moreover, users can also clear the registry of the system as well.

Verify Printer Settings

Sometimes incorrect settings related to the printing devices can also trigger the issue. The ‘printer not activated error 41’ message can also show up if your device is not set as default printer. If you haven’t done so then, the device is not enabled. Hence we recommend you to configure the settings properly. You can also reset the pooler service as well that is operating in the background. Users can modify the settings with the help of Fax or Printer options present in the Start menu. Otherwise, use services.msc to reconfigure the service.

Reinstall The Driver

Part 1

The best way to troubleshoot the printer issuer is to reinstall the driver. If you are facing any problems related to a printer or other peripheral devices, then reinstall its driver.  Before initiating the process, users to uninstall the driver first and then reinstall manually. Thus reboot your PC and open with the Administrator account. then, head over the Start menu and type in ‘MMC’ on the search bar.

Then, open Microsoft Management Console and choose to ‘Add or Remove Snap-in’. After that navigate down to the list and tap the Print Management option. Now in this window users need to click Add Local server and tap Finish. Once the process is complete, you need to find the device driver for uninstallation. After locating the driver choose to Remove the Driver package by right-clicking the icon. Then reboot your system after uninstalling the driver.

Part 2

Users can uninstall the device in an alternative method as well. In this method, you need to open the Device Manager and uninstall the driver. Hence, go to Device Management, and there you will see an array of installed devices. Expand the Network and Adapter section and select the device to uninstall. Then, select OK to begin the process. When you start uninstalling the adapter user need to select delete driver software as well. Once the installation is over restart your machine. After that go to the official website and install the device driver.


These are some effective techniques to resolve the printer error code 41. If your system is prompting such error messages because of the printer, then apply these set of solutions to resolve the issue.