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How To Fix Epson Printer Communication Error While Scanning

How To Fix Epson Printer Communication Error While Scanning?

This is usually a result of not connecting the scanner appropriately, not setting up of the scanner properly and may be the scanner is completely turned off. So, we have a wide number of steps to fix Epson Printer communication error while scanning that are quite easy for users to apply.

How To Fix Epson Printer Communication Error While Scanning

Steps to fix Epson Printer communication error while scanning

Try out our below steps to get rid of the issue faster

Step 1: Ensure that the scanner is properly connected

  • Make sure that the printer is turned on and is connected in a secured way to the computer or with the USB hub.
  • If it is the case where the printer is connected to a USB hub then, ensure that it is well connected to the first tier hub which will be the hub closest to the computer. It will has its own A/C adapter when more multiple hub is connected to the computer.
  • Try to restart the computer.

Step 2: Do ensure that the scanner is set up properly.  

To do this, perform below steps as guided by Epson Printer Technical Support professional team:

Turn on the product first and do one of the following steps as mentioned below:

  • Navigate to the Appsicon screen to select the “EPSON Scan Settings” icon.
  • If you are working with other Windows system then, ensure to click the “Start” iconor simply select the “Programs or All Programs” option. Choose the “EPSON Scan > EPSON Scan Settings”.
  • For users who are operating on OS X, they need to open the “ApplicationsEpson” software and then, double-click the EPSON Scan Settings.
  • If an option is visible which is displayed as EPSON Scan cannot be startedwindow then, click the “No” icon. You will see the window appearing twice.

Step 3: Make a proper selection of the scanner. Perform below steps:

  • If the product is connected to the desktop with a USB cable then, ensure that the Connectionsetting is set into “Local” mode.
  • If the product is set up on a network then, do ensure that the Connectionsetting is set to Network mode and the scanner is visible right under the ‘Network Scanner Address’ with accurate IP address.
  • Click the “Add” icon now.
  • Make a proper selection of the IP address which will appear in the list. If there are multiple IP address then, select the one that matches the product’s IP address.
  • Click the OK button now.
  • Tap the “OK” button now to close the Epson Scan Settings window immediately.

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Steps to fix Epson L800 communication printer error

How To Fix Epson L800 Printer Communication Error?

Epson L800 Printer Communication Error often happens in a Printer Communication Error if the printer has been used for long time. According to the Epson printer support users can have a clear view of error messages that will occur one on Epson printer L800.

Causes of Epson L800 printer communication error

How To Fix Epson L800 Printer Communication Error

One of the main causes of Epson L800 printer communication error as per as study is concerned, it is just because of the printer drivers which was lost unexpectedly in a computer used by a user. In such cases, downloading of the latest driver for Epson L800 is suggested by Epson printer technical support professionals on your computer to troubleshoot this error. It is further advised to users to uninstall the drivers first on your computer if the error still exists and then reinstall it with the driver.

Steps to fix Epson L800 communication printer error

  • There are various ways to fix the Epson L800 communication printer snags but one of the most convincing ways to fix the problem is simply to reset the printer by using “Resetter” button. This button needs to be download first.
  • Download and then extract the file to further begin fixing your Epson L800 Printer Communication Error easily.
  • Before you begin to run the “Resetter” button, make sure that you’ve downloaded the latest version of the driver and is installed in your PC.
  • Ensure that your printer L800 is well connected with cables to be able to turn it on to start resetting the process.

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