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How to Fix Lexmark printer error code 1203?

Lexmark printers are incorporated with modern features to give high tech printing solutions. It’s highly advanced imaging solutions grab the user’s attention at first stance. But being a hardware device, some technical hitches are unpredictable. One such technical fault is Lexmark printer error code 1203. If you want to resolve this error, reach us by calling at our support number.

How to Fix Lexmark printer error code 1203

Resolve your Lexmark printer error 1203 with customized support service.

If the LCD of your Lexmark printer shows this error, there can be a severe issue with one of the already installed ink cartridges. Error 1203 is generally a cartridge error. It is caused due to the failure in the communication between any of the printheads (cartridges) and the AIO (All-in-one) or by short in one of the printheads.

If your Lexmark printer is displaying error code 1203 and you want to resolve it on your own, try to solve it following the procedure mentioned below.

Some useful tips to fix error 1203 on your Lexmark printers:

⦁    Power on the Lexmark printer, pull up the control panel and open the cartridge access door carefully

⦁    The print cartridge will automatically move and stop at the loading position. Pull and lift all the old cartridges

⦁    Shift the cartridges out of the printer, then shut the access door and work with the control panel

⦁    Power off the printer and on it again and check for the operator panel. If you get the same error, there is something wrong the hardware of the printer

⦁    Then, you need to uninstall and reinstall the cartridges into the printer into an accurate position

Undergoing the above-mentioned processes might resolve your problem. But, if still, your problem persists or if you are unable to follow the procedures, you can come in contact with us.

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Contact us for instant solutions

You can get quick assistance from us for fixing error code 1203 of your Lexmark printers by calling us at our Lexmark printer customer support number. You can also take help from our professionals through online tech support.

Fix Lexmark Printer Error Code 1203

How to Fix Lexmark Printer Error Code 1203?

Error Code 1203 is a typical ink cartridge related error. Fix it as early possible by placing a call at Lexmark Printer Customer Support Number +1-800-715-9524. Carry out the below mentioned steps to Fix Lexmark Printer Error Code 1203.

How to Fix Lexmark Printer Error Code 1203

Lexmark Printer is an incredible printing device. It works completely fine until some internal issue occurs. When the ink overflows from the cartridges, you get this error. If the ink got smeared on the holder where the contact panel with the cartridges, you can have this error. This error code 1203 is mainly a cartridge failure. There is nothing to do with printer hardware failure.

Step by Step Solutions to Troubleshoot Lexmark Printer Error Code 1203:

Cleaning the smeared ink will probably resolve this error. But if that does not work, we have jotted down other most effective solution to deal with this error. You can also check with our Lexmark Printer Customer Care Service for high quality services.

  • First of all, you need to turn on your All-in-One Lexmark printer.
  • Now pull the control panel towards yourself and proceed for cartridge door.
  • Open the cartridge access door and let the cartridge carrier move.
  • When it stops at the loading position, pull the old cartridge towards yourself.
  • Close the access door when the cartridges are out of the printer.
  • Close the control panel and turn off the printer.
  • Turn the printer ON again and look for the error at the Operator panel.
  • If the error message reappears, there is something is wrong with printer hardware.
  • If the error message shows, cartridge is missing; you need to proceed further to fix this error.
  • Replace the cartridges inside the printer.
  • Next you need to place the color cartridges and insert the black cartridges.
  • Push the cartridges back in the places until they got tightly placed.
  • Now shut the cartridge access door followed by closing the Control Panel.
  • If the error still appears, change the position of the cartridges to check which one is causing the problem.
  • Replace the damaged cartridges to fix this error.

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