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Fix Dell Printer Paper Jams issues

How to Fix Dell Printer Paper Jams issues?

Printer Paper jam issue is one of the most common printing issues. Resolve with professional help through Dell Printer Technical Support Number. To Fix Dell Printer Paper Jam Issues, you need professional timeliness help. Paper jam error is common for all Dell Printers. It is a hardware error that appears due to mechanical snags. When a piece of wrinkled paper gets struck inside the printer, it blocks the printing path. Such debris piece of papers hampers the printing path affecting its printing process. But there is nothing to worry about. You just need to manually clear the paper jam to resume its functionality.

Dell Printer Paper Jams issues

Steps to manually clear a Dell Printer Paper Jams Issue:

Here we have discussed the most easier and convenient way to deal with the strenuous process. Removing paper jam needs patience. You have to be careful while performing this process. Mishandling can make further hardware damages inside printer. Visit our Dell Printer Customer Support Service team for more instant response.

Solution 1: cleaning of print heads

  • First of all, you need to turn off the printer.
  • Secondly, as the printer is off, open up the main cover of the printer.
  • Now gently move the print head sideways to free papers up easily.
  • Next you need to remove the papers slowly and check the output tray carefully.
  • After that you need to try disassembling the process further.
  • Now clean all the print heads and look for the repair and replacement process.

Solution 2: removal of debris piece of paper

  • First of all, you need to turn off your printer.
  • Next unplug all the power cables from the wall outlet and open up the printer carefully.
  • Now wait 30 minutes for allowing your printer to cool down.
  • Next pull the print cartridge out carefully and look for paper jam.
  • Carefully remove all the unnecessary papers and inspect the rollers.

Fix Dell Printer Paper Jams with the help of Dell Printer customer support services:

Dell Printer Customer Support Number

Get in touch with Dell Printer Customer Care service Number 1-800-610-6962  to get immediate resolutions for Dell printer issues. We are team of professional and passionate technicians offering 24*7 customer supports. We aim to deliver most comprehensive solution possible to all customers. We keep our in house solutions ready for instant and quick response. With the help of latest technologies, we guide them in the right direct.  We also offer online support services for faster response. We also offer future recommendations to keep your device healthy in future too. Hence dial the toll free number now and get personalized help.


How to Fix HP Printer Error 0x00759c98?

The aforesaid HP error executes when there are corrupted registry issues, hard disk failure problems, unsuccessful installation of the software being done, misconfigured system files and many more are there on the list. We will guide users on how to fix HP Printer error 0x00759c98 in few simple steps. Follow below guidelines as instructed by technical team.How to Fix HP Printer Error 0x00759c98

Steps to fix HP Printer Error0x00759c98 are as follows:

Step 1: Go to the search box which is located in the start menu and then, type the regedit command. Press the “Enter” icon and to get access to the ”Registry Editor” option. However, this Registry Editor comprises of two panes, namely the left pane to easily navigate on the appropriate registry keys.

Step 2: Users are advised by HP Printer Help technical team to double-click on the value with the left mouse button. There is an alternate to this option where users can simply work with the “Edit” menu, to edit the chosen value appearing in the windows screen.  Click the “OK” button now and follow same pattern as done earlier.

Step 3: To ensure and have a fast running speed of the PC, updating all of the needed drivers is necessary.  Follow below steps to update drivers:

  • Right-click on the computer icon to choose the “Manage” option
  • Now, locate and click the “Device Manager” on the Computer Management window appeared.
  • Right click on the driver to select the “Update Driver Software”.
  • A new window will appear where users need to select the “Search Automatically for updated driver software”
  • After completing all the above steps, click the “OK” icon


Connect us at HP Printer Technical Care Support technicians for more such issuesFix HP Printer Error 0x00759c98.

We encourage users to call our HP Printer Customer Care Service  +1800-610-6962 professionals for immediate solutions to every minute issue. Technicians are available for users 24 hours to assist them with the right choice of solution as and when needed. Feel free to connect us anytime and we are right there for you at your desk.


Steps to Fix Epson printer error 0x60 error

How to Fix Epson 3540 Printer 0x60 Errors?

The Epson printer error 0x60 issue occurs due to severe program lock-up process, slow PC performance issues, unexpected system freezing process, startup and shut down technical glitches, installation errors and last but not the least the hardware failure issue. It is suggested that users should immediately get rid of this error in the shortest time possible. Our Epson professional experts have penned down an appropriate solution to solve the Epson printer 0x60 errors.

Fix Epson printer error 0x60 error

Fix Epson 3540 Printer 0x60 Errors by Epson Support

Step1: Remove the program which has recently been installed:

  • Go to the “Control Panel” and then choose the “Uninstall a program” option
  • Right-click on the software which you wish to uninstall and then click on the “Uninstall” button. It is always advised to mention that the SmartPCFixer has the un-installation function which will further save user’s time by fixing errors smoothly.

Step2: Check for various updates available for Windows system.              

  • Click the “Start” button and then type the Windows update message in the search box. Hit the “check for update” option.

Step3:  Run the SFC tool

  • To resolve the Epson printer error 0x60, System File Checker tool is essential to include with the Windows system as it allows users to conduct a deep scan process by restoring all the corrupted Windows system files.
  • Click the “Start” option and type the “CMD” command in the search box. Right-click the “CMD” command and run the administrator account.
  • At the command prompt section, simply type “sfc /scannow”, and hit the “ENTER” button

Step4: Log on windows in Safe mode

  • With the help of Networking tool, simply check whether this error still pops up in Windows or not?
  • Click the “Start” option and then type the MSCONFIG message.
  • Next, hit the Boot icon from the pop up dialog.
  • Next, tick the Safe Boot option in the Boot section and then select the Network and Reboot the PC.

Epson printer configration

For more issues related to Epson printer, we encourage users to get in touch at our Epson Customer Support Blog . We are available for users 24*7 hours days to help overcome their unexpected Epson printer issues promptly.


How to troubleshoot EPSON-ET-2550 printer for setup & register

Epson ET 2550 Printer is defined as an integrated inkjet printer which comes to be useful for day-to-day printing purposes. Users can easily setup the Epson printer in just few minutes. This printer is designed in a way to ease every user work by achieving maximum efficiency level. According to Epson printer Support team, the Epson supports presentation paper matte, Double-sided presentation paper matte, Glossy paper, A4, B5, A5, A6, paper sizes as well as envelopes. How to troubleshoot EPSON-ET-2550 printer for setup and register

The Epson ET-2550 Printer is a must to have for every user as it offers tremendous capacity to handle up to 100 pages in a short time span. The printer can print, scan and copy for multiple options to by providing you multifunctional printing ability.

Top EPSON-ET-2550 printer features jotted by teams

Step1: Extreme performance and sleek design

The printer comes with a sleek and fast performance attribute

Step2: Wireless and cloud printing:

Users can cherish its wireless and cloud printing features
Step3: High resolution scanning and printing

Come and work with the high resolution scanning as well as Epsons’ printing features
Step4: Remarkable images and crisp text

Enjoy its eye striking as well as remarkable images
Step 5: Ultra fast and user-friendly

Experience its super fast and user friendly working attributes that make this printer the topmost brand than others

Steps to setup and register EPSON-ET-2550 printer in Epson connect

Steps to setup and register EPSON-ET-2550 printer in Epson connect

Step1: Turning the power on

Turn on the Epson Printer initially.
Step 2: Installation

Installing of the Epson connect printer setup directly from the Printer driver installation disk section is an essential step for users and then launch the application carefully. According to Epson professionals, the application will automatically search for the printer and will then display it.

Step3: Selection mode

You are required to select the type of printer and then click on the” Continue/Next” button to proceed with the method.
Step 4: Registration

After you are done with the selection process of your printer, then tap on the “Printer Registration” process
Step 5: Agreement

First click on the “Continue/Next” icon to continue with the License Agreement page by ticking on the check box.
Step6: Agree button

Click on the “Agree” to agree the License Agreement page and click Next to take the print out of it.
Stage of completion: Go for the details in the page and then click on the “Finish” button to register your Epson Printer to Epson connect

Epson printer customer support

For getting more insights about our Epson brand or any related error, please get in touch with our Epson printer customer support professionals. We are happy to help you in resolving all your critical Epson issues