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Canon Printer Is Not Responding

How To Resolve Canon Printer Is Not Responding?

Canon printer is a famous name in the field of Printers. It is developed by Canon Inc. which is a Japanese company. Canon Inc. mainly manufactures imaging and optical products like cameras, camcorders, photocopy machines, printers and also medical instruments. Canon has several versions of Printers like Laser Printers, Inkjet Printers, Wireless printer, Wired Printers, Color Printers etc.

Canon Printer Is Not Responding

Now, being a critical electronic device, Canon Printer also goes out of link many times and gives errors to its users. It is due to the complex technical components and delicate programs encrypted inside Canon printers.

You may feel helpless when your Canon Printer is not responding, and you might require stopping your important official work. Canon printer tech Support team ensures that does not happen. With a single from yours, our experts will provide a solution to all your problems regarding Canon printer.

The essential guide to Canon printers not responding problem:-

Canon printers some time give the error like Printer Not Responding due to over usage or any other reasons. If you are using Windows 10, then you can run Printer Troubleshooter in Windows 10 which might help you to fix this error of no response in the Canon Printer. You need to press Win+R to open the troubleshooter. Then enter msdt.exe or id printer Diagnostic into Run and press Return to open a window. Then click on the advanced option and then click on Run as Administrator. Then click on Next to scan your Canon printer and detect the genuine issue.

Advance method to solve the No Response Error of Canon Printer:-

For wireless Canon printer-

AT first, click on Set Up button on the Printer. Then go to Wireless LAN Setup and click OK. Then select Easy Setup and press OK. Then choose point access and type your Wi-Fi password and press OK. Then insert the Setup disk into the computer and run the setup program to install the Printer again. Then try to make prints.

Using Print Troubleshooter-

When the last method fails, you can use troubleshooter method to fix your Canon Printer. At first press the start button on your computer screen and go to Control Panel. Then type Troubleshooter in the search box and choose Troubleshooting from the displayed list. Click on Printer under the Hardware and sound option and click next. Then select Canon Printer from the list and click next.

Using Print Spooler Services-

Click on Start menu and visit Control Panel. Then type Print Spooler Services in the search box and click on OK. Then select properties and choose Automatic from the Startup Type list under the General Tab. In case services are not running, then click on Start under the Service Status and click on OK.

In case all of the methods mentioned above are failed, you can contact our Canon Printer Tech Support by calling us at our helpline number.

Dial us anytime at 1-800 610-6962 For Canon printer not responding USB issue:-

You can call our Canon Customer Care Number by dialing at 1-800-610-6962. We will take your calls for 24*7 and will give you the solution to all your Canon Printer related problems. We have mail and live chat facility also to provide you quick and